The Nation's First All-digital In-house Eye Care Experience!

See better than you ever thought possible!

We're proud to be the first optical store in the country to offer an entirely digital eye care experience in-house – from your examination to your glasses fitting to your HD digital lenses. Powered by our investment in cutting-edge ZEISS® technology, the ClearVu Experience means you get the clearest possible vision available anywhere, right here in Fort Wayne!

Precise Examination

  • Digital Mapping: In just 60 seconds we can build a digital profile of your eye.
  • State-of-the-art: Our Independent Optometrists, who have received the Longe Optical Platinum Seal of Approval, perform a digital refraction and thorough examination of your eyes.
  • Ultra-accurate Prescription: The digital map and exam results are interpreted by our skilled optometrists to create a prescription accurate to 1/100 of a diopter - 25x more accurate than with traditional equipment!
Precision Eye Exams

Custom Measurements

  • Precise Fit: Each pair of glasses are digitally customized to accurately fit the unique measurements of your face within 1/10 of a millimeter.
  • Ultimate Comfort: This degree of accuracy ensures optimal wearability and vision with your new glasses.
  • Superior Accuracy: This digital measuring process is 60% faster and 84% more accurate than a manual process.

HD Lenses

  • In-house Lab: Your HD lenses are crafted right there at Longe Optical - we have Fort Wayne's first and only on-site digital lab.
  • Amazing Vision: Your HD lenses will provide sharper images, brighter colors, and up to a 50% wider field of crystal-clear vision.
  • Customized for You: Your HD lenses will fit almost any frame and are priced similarly to traditional lenses.
Discover Digital Lens Technology