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Use Up Your FSA or Insurance Benefits Before They Disappear!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s important to remember that if you have unused funds remaining in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or vision insurance benefits, they could be expiring at the end of the year. One way many people choose to spend these dollars is on eyewear like eyeglasses, prescription… Read more »

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What You Should Know About Fort Wayne’s Only All-digital Onsite Optical Lab

Our lab here at Longe Optical is vastly unique! We are the only fully digital lab found within the entire state of Indiana, utilizing the ZEISS digital technology and the Schneider world-class equipment! When you buy a pair of HD lenses created in our digital lab, you’ll experience up to 50% clearer vision, sharper images,… Read more »

4 Tips to Promote Healthy Eyes During Back to School Season

Whether your child will be going back to classes in person, staying home this fall, or a little of both, their eyesight is important to their overall health and learning. Poor vision can harm your child’s education because their eyes are constantly used for visual learning activities such as reading, writing, and using computers. Be… Read more »

Protecting Your Eyes from Blue Light — Why Quality Matters

Have you heard different terms thrown around for “blue light” protection and wondered what the difference is between these terms? Have you wondered if blue light is even harmful to your eyes? A lot of optical companies refer to the coating they use to protect against blue light with their own branded term. Here at… Read more »

Find Your Personal Style

At all five of our Fort Wayne locations, you’ll find friendly, experienced, and stylish opticians ready and eager to help you find your own signature style. We believe not only are perfectly-fitting, vision-correcting eyeglasses essential to our overall health, they are a fun fashion accessory just as important as your favorite piece of jewelry. So… Read more »

A Few Words About Contact Lenses

Getting the most for your money on contact lenses is important and you may find yourself wanting to consider online options to save money, but what do you give up in the process? Is ordering a contact prescription online truly a better deal? Here at Longe Optical, we are passionate about your vision care and… Read more »

Sun’s Out, Shades On – Take Care of Your Eyes This Summer

According to our independent optometrists, too much UV light can raise the risk of various eye diseases over time, so knowing how the sun can affect you and your children this summer is important! Proper eye protection during the summer is vitally important to maintaining overall eye health. Proper exposure to the sun can also… Read more »

Helpful Hints for Selecting Sunglasses

At Longe Optical, we are passionate about eye care, which includes the eyewear we wear during the summer months! Many of our customers don’t realize how important sunglasses are and that they function as more than just a fashion accessory. When shopping for sunglasses, it’s important to understand exactly what types of UV protection you… Read more »

Just a few ways we’re helping Fort Wayne see better than ever.

The safety of our guests and our staff remains our highest priority and we are following all CDC recommendations, so while we are unable to provide eye exams until at least May 4, we know that many of our patients and their families need vision correction to go about their daily lives. Our five Fort… Read more »

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Fun Facts About Vision

At Longe Optical, while we’re passionate about vision care, we’re also fascinated by some of the more obscure facts and figures out there. So on a lighter note, we thought we’d share some with you – just click the link to read more. Half of your brain capacity is dedicated to visual perception. The other… Read more »