Just a few ways we’re helping Fort Wayne see better than ever.

The safety of our guests and our staff remains our highest priority and we are following all CDC recommendations, so while we are unable to provide eye exams until at least May 4, we know that many of our patients and their families need vision correction to go about their daily lives. Our five Fort Wayne Longe Optical locations are open to allow for pickup of eyeglasses and contact lenses, to make eyewear repairs, and to assist guests with scheduling future exams, and these are a few of the stories our hardworking associates have shared with us.


The Dog Ate My Glasses

This happens quite often, it’s not just a homework excuse anymore! Recently, a guest came in with some mangled glasses her dog had gotten ahold of. It had been about two years since her last eye exam and so her prescription was not only outdated, but unavailable because her regular eye care provider was closed. We invited her into the store to attempt to adjust or fix her glasses in hopes we could help her get by until we are able to do eye exams. Upon inspecting her glasses, we quickly realized that her lenses were also damaged. We were able to fix them well enough for her to wear them over the weekend, and we were able to discern her prescription based on her existing lenses. She chose and purchased a new pair of glasses and scheduled an eye exam with us so that she can get her prescription up to date. In the meantime, she’s grateful to have usable eyeglasses that will hold her over until we can do exams again. And the cherry on top is if her pooch decides to snack on her specs once again, the pair she purchased at Longe Optical will be covered for a year thanks to our exclusive One-year, Worry-free Guarantee!


Don’t Worry, See Happy

Speaking of our exclusive One-year, Worry-free Guarantee — there’s no catch, we just want to make sure you’re seeing your best, year-round. Here’s a great example of how it can improve not just your vision, but your life! The mother of a young patient called in and explained that her son in the seventh grade broke his glasses on the last day of school (little did anyone know it was to be the LAST day of school for 2020). He was embarrassed and thought he might get in trouble, so he did not tell his mom and avoided wearing them for several weeks. Mom finally figured out what happened and stopped by one of our stores, unsure what, if anything, could be done. She knew it had not been a whole year since they got them, so insurance wouldn’t cover a new pair. Just like many of us, times are tough due to the pandemic, so she was concerned that her son would need to return to his old glasses until they could afford a new pair. We were thrilled to explain to her that his glasses are still covered under our One-year, Worry-free Guarantee, and since the glasses were not fixable, we offered to replace them at no cost. The mother was really touched and most importantly, this young student will have the opportunity to continue learning this spring and be ready for next school year without falling behind!


Eye Spy Sugar Levels Are High

When we tell patients “your eyes can be a window to your wellness,” sometimes all we get is an eye roll. But here’s a perfect example of how vision issues can be a symptom of a larger problem in your body. One of our patients called to schedule an eye exam this past week and we informed her that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC requires that our doctors not see patients at this time in order to prevent unknowingly spreading or contracting the virus. The guest understood, but was concerned, because she felt as if recently her eyesight had gotten significantly worse. We asked her a series of questions in an effort to uncover the exact nature of her issues and discovered that, as a diabetic, she had not been checking her sugar levels as often as she should. We explained that fluctuations in her sugar levels can indeed affect her vision and in some cases, this damage could be permanent. This prompted her to keep a closer eye on her blood sugar, which had been high at the time she called. Later that evening she reported back to us that her levels were back to where they should be. We scheduled her for an eye exam in May to determine if she needs an updated prescription, and she’s now more committed to checking her levels and maintaining a healthier diet.


We’re Just a Phone Call Away

A longtime patient was running out of contact lenses and called us not knowing if we were open. She was pleasantly surprised when we answered the phone and elated when the contacts were shipped to her house! Upon calling, she said, “I didn’t think you’d be open, but I thought I’d call anyway.” This is one major reason why all five Fort Wayne Longe Optical locations are open during this unprecedented, trying time — we’re here to help you meet your essential needs, and vision should be at the top of the list!


We’re Here to Help

A relatively new guest who had recently ordered contacts from us called this past week and said that as a FedEx worker, he was concerned about touching his eyes due to wearing contacts, and wanted to limit his exposure since he is working in an essential job. We invited him to come into the store and told him we would happily help him shop for glasses. He found a high quality, reasonably priced pair, and even though we are out of network for his insurance, we were able to keep his out of pocket costs down to about what he would have spent using his insurance. His usual eye care provider is not open at this time and he was so thankful that we were open that he is going to keep coming back to us for his future vision care needs.


Don’t Fly Blind

A guest had glasses at our store available for pickup, but he assumed we were closed, so he had not yet come to get them. We called to let him now that his glasses were ready and he was extremely thankful that we called, because he was flying back to California the next day to see his family for Easter. He was able to pick up his glasses before he left, giving him some much-needed peace of mind (and clearer vision!).


Contacts Right to Your Doorstep, With No Contact

A favorite guest of ours was very happy that we were open because she had been meaning to order contacts, as she was down to her last pair of monthlies. Not only was she happy to be able to order her contacts, she was ecstatic when we told her we could ship them to her home, so she didn’t have to come out to get them. Add in a lucrative rebate that we were able to email and submit for her, and it all resulted in a very appreciative patient!


We love receiving and sharing these stories – they embody the spirit of what makes the Sweet Family of Companies so special. If you have urgent eye care needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help you see, look, and live your best!