Fun Facts About Vision

Dog wearing glasses

At Longe Optical, while we’re passionate about vision care, we’re also fascinated by some of the more obscure facts and figures out there. So on a lighter note, we thought we’d share some with you – just click the link to read more.
  • Half of your brain capacity is dedicated to visual perception. The other half is dedicated to the remaining four senses (and if you have a sixth sense, then your brain is running on overdrive)
  • The most used muscles in your body are the muscles to move your eyes. This is even more true if you enjoy watching professional table tennis
  • Surface tissue of your cornea (epithelium) is the quickest healing of all your body. We insist that you do not test this one out for yourself; please, just take our word for it!
  • Your eyes can get sunburned. It is called photokeratitis. Sunglasses, not sunscreen, can help prevent this. And no, your eyes will not get a tan, so let’s keep them the color they were meant to be!
  • Ommatophobia is the fear of eyes. While we definitely do not have any ommatophobes on staff, we definitely have some arachnophobes!
  • The average person will blink 15–20 times a minute. Some animals, like fish and snakes, don’t blink, simply because they don’t have eyelids. Hamsters also don’t blink; they wink — one eyelid at a time!
On a more serious note, not every eye care provider, especially the steeply discounted places, will perform a detailed, comprehensive eye exam; and very few can do them on the advanced, state-of-the-art Zeiss equipment that makes up our exclusive ClearVu Experience. So we encourage everyone to do their research prior to choosing where to have their eye exams done and find out in advance what will be checked and tested.
Best of luck in the new school year to all the students out there!