Quality Is Key When It Comes to Sunglasses

Man in glasses

For many, sunglasses are far more than a pretty accessory — they are an important part of protecting eyesight. Something to always keep in mind when tempted by a cute or trendy pair of cheap shades — you only get one set of eyes! To protect your eyes, we highly recommend wearing sunglasses with high-quality lenses, as they typically offer more complete protection from harmful UV rays.

Hey, there’s a reason the FDA classifies sunglasses as a medical device!

We also strongly suggest choosing lenses that are polarized. If you’ve ever worn polarized lenses, you’ll know that they make a world of difference in how comfortable you feel in direct sunlight. Polarized lenses have tiny parallel grooves in them. Light comes bouncing in from at all directions, but only the light that is aligned with the grooves makes it to your eyes. Because of the way the grooves are aligned in the lenses of sunglasses, the glare you see from something like the sun reflecting off water is reduced.

Did you know that most “cheap” sunglasses actually just block light, causing eyes to dilate? If the lenses don’t also protect from the UV spectrum, then more of the harmful light gets in. This can cause significant damage over time.

At Longe Optical, we make sure corners aren’t cut by doing many of the steps of the lens creation process in-house. This way, we can oversee all the details, ensuring quality control and guaranteeing you get the exact product you paid for. We purchase our lenses from ZEISS, the industry’s premier lens manufacturer. ZEISS has been in business since 1846, and in addition to providing the highest-quality lenses, they even provide optics for NASA projects, like the Hubble Space Telescope!

We hope you’ll think twice about going the cheap route on your next sunglasses purchase and that you’re convinced that it’s important to not sacrifice quality for style or price. Having a high-quality pair of sunglasses should be at the top of your summer checklist, and you won’t find a better selection in Fort Wayne than at Longe Optical!